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    Welcome to Italian Porphyry Pty Ltd, Melbourne

  • Italian Porphyry Design and Project Management Service

    Italian Porphyry Pty Ltd offers a Design and Project Management Service

  • Porphyry Driveway and landscaping, Mornington Peninsula

    Completed porphyry driveway and landscaping project , Mornington Peninsula

  • Porphyry Driveway and landscaping, Mornington Peninsula

    Porphyry driveway and pathway under construction, Mornington Peninsula

  • Stonemasons

    Italian Porphyry Pty Ltd employs skilled stonemasons

Italian Porphyry Pty Ltd is dedicated to expand and benchmark the range of available options of natural stone in Australia.

We provide our clients with background information, resource tools, workshops and skilled stonemasons to create and deliver exclusive projects using the highest quality natural stone solutions.

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Porphyry TilesPorphyry Tiles

Porphyry Tiles are often used for paving and facing of both internal and external areas. Used by architects on all types of projects, they constitute one of the most appropriate items for squares, streets, sidewalks, arcades and historical centers in general…read more

Porphyry MosaicPorphyry Mosaic

Mosaic porphyry stones are one of the most popular porphyry products, thanks to its flexibility and ability to adapt to various situations. What is normally called “mosaic” is constituted by irregular slabs coming directly from the selection of quarry material…read more

Porphyry CobblestonesPorphyry Cobblestones

Out of all the different types of external paving, porphyry cobblestones have been the most popular throughout the ages, due to their combination of natural beauty and ability to adapt to the most diverse uses…read more

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Porphyry Driveway Mornington Peninsula

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Uses For Porphyry Stone

The range of uses for Porphyry Stone is endless, not only because of their durability and old ...

The History Of Porphyry

The name porphyry was initially used to indicate a rock extracted in Egypt, known in ancient times ...

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