Uses For Porphyry Stone

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The range of uses for Porphyry Stone is endless, not only because of their durability and old world Mediterranean appeal. Porphyry is a natural material which is environmentally sound, everlasting and with many design applications from pedestrian paving, driveways, roads … Continued

The History Of Porphyry

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The name porphyry was initially used to indicate a rock extracted in Egypt, known in ancient times as Imperial Red Porphyry or Ancient Red Porphyry. It was extracted in the Egyptian desert in the mountain Jebel Dhokan (up to 500 … Continued

Permeable Paving

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Permeable paving, also called pervious paving or “porous pavement”, is a term used to describe paving methods for roads, parking lots and walkways that allow the movement of water and air through the paving material. Although some porous paving materials … Continued