Uses For Porphyry Stone

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detail10_HERA SquareThe range of uses for Porphyry Stone is endless, not only because of their durability and old world Mediterranean appeal. Porphyry is a natural material which is environmentally sound, everlasting and with many design applications from pedestrian paving, driveways, roads to feature walls and landscaping. Porphyry fits all these applications and can be worked into cubes, pavers, tiles, irregular flagging, kerbstones, borders and rustic wall veneer. It is available with sawn or snap cut edges.

The standard for our module size has been set to allow for many designs to be made without cutting or splitting stones.

By combining the range of Porphyry products with other materials, a simple lane, pathway or forecourt becomes an innovative work of art. High compressive strength means Porphyry stone withstands vehicular traffic and are an ideal material for streetscaping.

* Road paving
* Footpaths
* Demarking areas
* Designed paving using two or more colours
* Pedestrian crossings
* Urban Tree surrounds
* Grass verges
* Cobblestone and grass patterns
* Combined with other paving products-marble, granite, ceramic, concrete
* Commemorative dates or designs set in concrete
* Pool surrounds
* Garden edges
* Warning strip before school crossings
* Speed bumps
* Anti-rollerblade/skateboard areas
* Feature walls
* Fireplace surrounds
* Roundabouts